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About Us

Moxy is a modern American tapas restaurant focusing on smaller plates meant for sharing. We take our inspiration from local farmers, fishmongers, culture and history. Moxy is tapas in spirit, energy, style of dining and service, but modern American in execution, products, and inspiration. We aim to provide an everyday place that the community can come and have a drink and a few snacks, or multiple items shared with friends for a truly unique dinner experience. We aim to be casual, energetic, and fun while providing a very high level of service and quality of food at the same time.


Small plates at Moxy restaurants
New England Dinner 2.0 at Moxy restaurant
Sliders, cocktail, and beer at Moxy restaurant
Pork belly at Moxy restaurant
Johnny cakes at Moxy restaurant
New England Dinner 2.0 and cocktail at Moxy restaurant
Cocktail trio at Moxy restaurant
Moxy restaurant exterior